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Looking To Hire A Personal Trainer In
Maryland, Washington DC or Virginia?

How Would You Like To Lose Up To 22lbs And Completely
Transform Your Body In Just 6 Weeks Or Less?

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Hi, my name is Dennys Passeto, the owner of Achieve Fitness.

Welcome to our website.

If you are like me, you probably don’t have a lot of free time to exercise and keep yourself in shape. Your days are so hectic, it is almost impossible to find time to do anything for yourself.

You need something that is fast, effective, and fun. And you need it ASAP!

What if I were to tell you that you could lose 18-22lbs in just 6 weeks? Does that sound like something you would be interested in finding out more about? If so, give me just a few minutes of your time and I will reveal to you how you are going to do it.

I’m sure you’ve tried traditional methods of weight loss in the past: dieting, running, long boring workouts and many others. But did they yield the results you were hoping for? If they had, you probably wouldn’t be here today listening to me.

Lose Fat with Achieve Fitness Personal TrainersWhen we were younger, keeping the weight off was not as much of a battle. Now the littlest thing, like a weekend vacation, and you’re up 5 lbs. Suddenly, you find yourself in a losing battle against the scale.

I’m sure you are fed up and ready to make a change. That is why you are here.

Personal training has long been the weight loss secret of movie stars, the affluent, and professional athletes.

Have you seen the amazing bodies that professional athletes have? They don’t achieve those bodies and that level of performance on their own. There is an entire team of experts around them focusing on their nutrition, fitness training, and skill set.Get Fit in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia

“But Dennys, I’m not a professional athlete…”

Sure, you’re not a professional athlete, but the point is that great results are achieved with a team around you, instructing you, holding you accountable, motivating you, and providing support.

Find a Personal Trainer to achieve fitness successYou simply can’t find a way to achieve better results.

Don’t you think that you would do very well with a team supporting you?

That is where we come in… As personal trainers, we will be more than just your “trainer”. We will provide you with the training, nutrition, accountability, motivation, and support.

We will be your secret weapon. We will be the team of experts that takes what little time that you do have to devote to your health and fitness, and gets you the best possible results.

With our personal training packages you receive:

  1. 60-minute Customized Workouts at Home60 Minute customized workouts in your home. You don’t have to go anywhere or to have equipment. We bring it to you. You just have to be ready for a fun, 1 hour workout, designed by your trainer, that is custom tailored to your specific goals and needs.
  2. 24/7 Personal Fitness Support24×7 support from your trainer. Ever find yourself at the grocery store reading labels and wish you had someone you could call to understand if what you are thinking of buying could be detrimental to your weight loss progress? Now you have someone you can reach anytime. Via phone, email, and text anytime.
  3. Get a FREE Fitness JournalYou will receive our nutrition & workout log. This log will allow you to accurately track your current calorie intake and caloric expenditure. Once you and your trainer have measured this, you will be given customized recommendations to make improvements in your day to day exercise and nutrition. Super easy to accomplish!
  4. Personal Training Satisfaction GuaranteeOur Money Back guarantee. If you follow all of the instructions from your trainer, follow the nutritional guidelines assigned and don’t make progress in achieving your goals, we will give you a full refund. Nobody else in the business has that kind of faith in themselves or in their trainers.

But don’t take my word for it, let our happy clients tell you themselves…

Anne Pasley - Washington DC, Personal Success StoryI began my fitness program with Achieve Fitness in December and in that time I have worked at a very stressful job in national security, I have had a death in the family, I travel every week and I have moved cross country. During all this crazy time, the one constant has been my trainer, Thomas.

I wanted to train to lose weight. Last year I did two triathlons, but I have made more progress with Thomas in two months than in two seasons of 5 days a week training for those events! I love my workouts with him and everyday that I work out is a better day for me at work and I can deal with anything because I feel so proud of myself. Thanks Thomas!”

Anne Pasley – Washington, DC

Claire Walton – Vienna, VA

“Katie is the best personal trainer ever! She is so in tune to what I need to do in order to achieve my goals! She is personable, reliable and totally motivating! I have lost weight and gained muscle tone in just weeks!”

Giuli Canan – Ashburn, VA

Just one session with one of our highly acclaimed, certified personal trainers and you will quickly see why our clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals so quickly… and why we are THE #1 choice when it comes to personal fitness training in Montgomery County, DC, and Northern Virginia.

You will be left wondering why you waited for so long.

We even offer a free consultation in your home with one of our star trainers so that you can be 100% sure that we are the right trainers for you.

But first, I must insist… Our trainers are very sought after, and we are only interested in working with people who have put their weight loss goals on the backburner for the last several years and are absolutely fed up with being overweight, out of shape, and are ready to commit to a lifestyle where fitness and proper nutrition are a priority.

So if you feel you are ready to make a commitment to get the body you’ve always wanted, check out our personal training packages on the next page…

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