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A sports massage can have remarkable benefits for athletes or individuals that are seeking better health and well being. Sports massages are designed to prepare the athlete or individual's body for more strenuous activity. Prior to a sports event or activity, sports massages are used to stretch and warm up muscles. Basically, a sports massage can achieve this by using techniques that lengthen the muscle followed by stretching exercises and it can also stretch the muscle sheath too.


A sports massage tends to be more vigorous than a general full body Swedish massage. Unlike other massages that are more relaxing, sports massages are focused on working out muscle imbalances which can be painful. Sports massages are more intense, deep tissue massages for this reason. Sports massage is a style of massage that combines massage, stretching, shaking, and rocking, to loosen tense muscles, relieve pressure on joints and improve blood flow. The sports massage is intended to provide a warm-up, relieve inflammation and reduce injuries for athletes within their training regiment. Since it tends to focus on muscle groups relevant to the sports activities that a particular athlete performs, sports massages are favored by athletes and active individuals.


Regular stretching along with a sports massage can help ready the muscles by making them more pliable or flexible. This makes the muscles more effective at absorbing the shocks and stresses placed on them. Sports massage is very unique and different among the many massage techniques in that it concentrates on the cause of muscle injury with the goal of soothing muscular pain and providing muscle stimulation to prevent future injuries. One of the greatest benefits of sports massage is in helping to prevent injury it may be reasonably claimed. Also, in contact sports such as football, hockey, basketball, etc.; athletes notice an increased ability to consistently perform well because their muscles are ready to do so.


From time to time you will get injured; it's the nature of the beast. However, if you can get them, a sports massage can really assist with the recovery process.

Sports massage can be used to:

1) Specifically target an injury
2) Help assess an injury or pain
3) Prepare muscles prior to the event,
4) Speed recovery post-event,
5) Increase range of motion (ROM)

For the athlete with recurring injury, such as shin splints, a sports massage can play an exceedingly useful role in rehabilitation of injuries. The sports massage can help lessen muscle fatigue & relieve tension, however always remember when you are really in pain you should just rest body so it can recover.


Finally, a sports massage may reduce raised post-exercise blood concentrations of cortisol, which is a hormone connected with stress, a number of experiments have discovered. When you put all the benefits together then sports massages are definitely worth it. Sports massage is designed to help you, maintain better health and train better, irrespective of whether you're a world champion athlete or a recreational sports participant.

We work with athletes and individuals of all levels and ages. Although, we focus & specialize in sports massage therapy we have excellent massage therapists on staff that are able to use many different massage techniques to assist you. Consider Georgetown Sports Massage for all your massage needs not just sports massages