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The Flu Vaccine Hoax

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Winter is upon us and like clockwork, we are being bombarded from the media about getting a flu shot.

Every year, roughly 1 million people get the flu.  Almost half of them become hospitalized by it, and over 30,000 die from it.

However, if you look more closely at that data, only 3% of those deaths are actually caused by the flu.  The rest, whom were all elderly, died from pneumonia.  The elderly are much more susceptible because of their weakened immune system.  Worse yet, the flu vaccine has not been proven to help prevent pneumonia.  So why take it?

I’m going to give you several reasons why you shouldn’t…

Flu is the name used to describe Influenza which is a disease caused by a weakness in the immune system.  More so, it has been linked to being caused by a deficiency in Vitamin D.

The best way to get Vitamin D is to expose yourself to the sun.  The sun aids your body in the production and absorption of vitamin D.  And coincidentally, this is the time of year where we begin to be deprived of sunlight.

I’ve never been a big fan of the flu shot.  Primarily because of the ingredients. The flu shot is a cocktail of many things you’d never think of putting your body.   At least not while you’re alive.   Here are some of the ingredients…

Formaldehyde(embalming fluid)
Mercury(associated with Autism and alzherimers)
Ethylene glycol(antifreeze)

Have you ever noticed how some people report feeling sick and like their energy has been drained from them immediately after taking the vaccine?

The vaccine also only protects against certain strands of the virus.  It is never known which strand will be in your area.  It’s an educated guess.

The vaccine is mostly marketed to children and the elderly who are at higher risks of acquiring the virus.

If you were to get sick, the vaccine also reduces the effectiveness of anti-biotic treatments because it contains several.   This reduces the effectiveness when necessary antibiotics are put into your body at the time of illness.

And most of all, at least for me anyway, I hate needles!  Yikes, I’d rather let someone kick me in the ‘you know what’.

So how do you naturally prevent the flu without a vaccine?

Rest -  Make sure you’re getting at least 6 hours of sleep per night.  Optimal is 8 as everyone knows but who has time for that.  Just trying to be realistic.

Get some exposure to the sun.  Go for a walk after lunch at work, take your dog for a longer walk, make an effort to do more outdoor activities.

And best of all, exercise!  While at it, why not make it an outdoor workout like Hiking, biking, jogging, etc…   It’s multi-tasking.  Our Outdoor Women’s Only boot camps are a great way to get an outdoor workout with some exposure to the sun and fresh non-recycled air.

Research has proven that exercise prevents illness and strengthens the immune system.  If you need help setting up an exercise plan, give us a call.  We’ll be glad to help get you on the way to great health.

It’s also recommended that you take an oral Vitamin D supplement to make up for the deficiency this time of year.  Don’t just count on the amount you get in your multivitamin.  Take an additional supplement.

Nutrition is also a big key in your well-being.  Make sure you are eating foods that are high in quality nutrient value; vitamins, minerals, fiber, quality fats, quality proteins, etc…

With a healthy lifestyle consisting of sound nutrition, exercise, and sleep, you have at your disposal the best natural vaccine for preventing the flu and other illnesses.   This has been my practice and I’ve never had the flu and couldn’t tell you the  last time I even had a cold.

To your continued good health,

Dennys Passeto, CPT
Personal Training In Maryland, DC and Virginia

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  1. Gabryela
    Posted October 25, 2008 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for disecting the facts about the flu vaccine. The doctor’s never really tell you that kind of information. They are just concerned if you have an allergy to eggs I was contemplating whether I would get the vaccine this year, but after reading some of the ingredients, I decided to prevent being sick by enjoying the outdoors! It’s a great excuse to tell your boss you need to take a longer lunch break to get some vitamin D!Thanks!

  2. Duno
    Posted October 25, 2008 at 5:34 pm | Permalink

    Dennys, I love this material, and I never got the shot and I never will ! thanks!

  3. Kristy Kowalski
    Posted October 30, 2008 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for your blog, however, you neglected to mention that you CAN find flu vaccines that are mercury-free. You have to ask your doctor and they cost a bit more. Most insurance companies will cover the cost. Often times, doctors office have some on hand from a previous order, so you can always ask. The formaldehyde is used in the harvesting process of the egg embryos and unfortunately, the ethylene is in there as a preservative. They are currently developing new manufacturing methods to try and not have these elements included. We can all just hope it will be soon!

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